deverus is built on teamwork, passion, and the inquisitive minds of our people. To build a great business, as well as a great company, you need great people. Great people share a deep domain expertise and a broad business perspective. They constantly stretch themselves and grow their knowledge. Great people are results-driven and they prioritize for impact. Great people are leaders. They energize their teams. They create a great vision. They act with values. They get the job done!

What is the best thing about deverus? It's our people.

Our leverage in the marketplace comes from our ability to solve important business problems for clients with the right tools and technology. Our background industry-specific experience further differentiates us in the marketplace and helps us provide our clients with a compelling competitive advantage. At deverus, we are constantly expanding our technical expertise, translating it into knowledge-based benefits for our clients. We have a passion for technology, and it's how we express ourselves.

Being a leader in your field starts by having good leadership within your company. deverus benefits from having some of the best and brightest minds in the industry working together to develop solutions that not only meet the current demands of clients, but that expand the scope of the background screening technology industry.

Shane Long, CEO

Shane Long is a visionary, entrepreneur, and thought leader with over two decades of experience in the semiconductor and SaaS markets working with the industries leading companies around the world.  He is an energetic leader who has an engineering background and strong grasp of technology that give him the ability to capitalize on innovation by understanding market demands thus allowing him to set the strategy and direction for deverus.

Formerly he was CEO of GSCS, a SaaS company in the supply chain management market named one of the Top-10 fastest growing companies by the Dallas Business Journal and SMU Cox School of Business.  He has also served in CEO or executive positions at Bitboys Semiconductor, Nemerix, and 3dFX.  In all of these companies he defined profitable market strategies, next generation technologies, and company vision.

Shane has a BS degree in Engineering from Texas A&M University, and with his son already attending Texas A&M and his daughter soon to follow they are a true “Aggie Family!"


Brent Breshers, CTO

Brent Breshers joined deverus in 2000 and currently manages deverus' talented technology team and industry-leading technology. Brent brings an array of technology talents and has worked on all levels of deverus technology. He has been deeply involved with product development, design, scoping, planning, management, programming, security, maintenance, testing, physical infrastructure, database, integration, and application components.

Brent has built a technology team of professional, experienced, and enthusiastic members dedicated to elevating deverus technology and helping deverus clients gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Brent studied Business and Information Systems at both Texas A&M University and the University of Texas (two rival schools and a bold move in the state of Texas). When not hard at work developing industry-leading technology, he enjoys backpacking, traveling, kayaking, golf, tennis, and nature photography.


Dave Lindemann, Director of Finance

Dave Lindemann has been a CPA for twelve years. He has spent the majority of his career in the public accounting arena. He began with Coopers & Lybrand, LLP in 1995 and then worked for a small local accounting firm until he became self-employed in 2000. He switched to the private accounting world as Director of Finance for deverus where he handles the finance and accounting functions.

He has been with deverus in a consulting capacity for the last 5 1/2 years, but finally took the full-time plunge in early 2006. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Master's in Professional Public Accounting. Dave has been a resident of Austin, TX, for his entire life.




deverus strives to play a crucial role in setting business processes and technology standards for the background check industry. We focus on being the most trusted resource of companies around the world – providing the right resources and strategies for diversification, competitiveness, and growth.

The deverus team has a unique energy. It’s a noticeable enthusiasm and passion about who we are and what we do. Not only are we thoroughly versed in listening, communication, and decision making; we are uniquely trained on processes designed to quickly and effectively facilitate strategies, elicit resources, and deliver results.


These strengths enable deverus to:

  • Rapidly understand our customers' current situation and needs
  • Search for true desired outcomes of their business and technology process
  • Study the short- and long-term effects the changes will have on the business
  • Create strategies to empower customers to achieve their goals
  • Find the resources necessary to facilitate these strategies
  • Facilitate execution to make our customers successful


The word "deverus" comes from a mixture of Latin and Spanish and essentially means "from the truth." deverus was started with a fundamental belief that by asking the right questions about our clients' wants and needs, a certain truth will arise. "From the truth" we will work to bring together the right resources and strategies to help our clients compete in an increasingly complex, rapidly changing marketplace.

Founded in October of 1997, deverus’ headquarters is located on the historic West 6th Street in downtown Austin, Texas.

deverus delivers a tailored set of technology services to enhance each client's specific competitive advantage. We design and target solutions specifically for the background check industry, and we choose to invest our time in working with a select group of clients to help them to achieve success.

Our clients represent the emerging leaders in the background check industry. They typically fit in the mid-size classification and possess unique competitive advantages that deverus can enhance to help them win in the marketplace.


One of our fundamental assets is our insatiable curiosity. We thrive on uncovering attainable goals, possible strategies, and hidden resources. We listen to our clients and the industry as a whole, and then flawlessly execute our plan of action.

Questions we ask our clients are:

  • Where do you want to go?
  • Why is this important to your long-term vision?
  • What will the end goal look like?
  • What is stopping you from getting there now?
  • How can you get there using your existing resources?
  • What additional resources will you need?


Your technology is the backbone of the services you provide to your clients. When issues arise, you need a technology partner who is available, responsive, and - most importantly - capable of fixing whatever issues you're facing. We engineered our support services to provide you maximum value through collaborative knowledge resources and personalized service. This means you have access to ongoing training to stay competitive as the technology develops.

To help you be more effective, productive, and financially successful, we provide comprehensive training programs for initial launch, ongoing product training, and support. Our commitment is to provide in-depth client training with immediate access to a wide range of tools and technical support when you need it.

Online Training
deverus offers live, web-based online training - a fast, cost-effective way to train your key personnel while the system setup and testing process is underway. You get the benefits of a live trainer without any travel costs, and you get your hands on the software from day one.

In service-oriented training sessions, your trainer will guide you remotely through the system, demonstrating the skills you need to know. You'll receive important knowledge quickly and your users will be thoroughly versed in system usage and functionality.

At the end of the process, your employees will have the knowledge to not only get the most out of the system, but to provide training to others in your company

Onsite Training
deverus' onsite training services brings our expertise and experience directly to your facilities. We will train your staff in a setting that is convenient and familiar, offering hands-on consulting and knowledge transfer to key personnel. Our clients have found this training method to be very beneficial when launching their new Verocity service. Onsite training can also be set up as a recurring event to help train new employees and refresh existing end user training.


We provide online help for when you need answers fast, or when you want detailed instructions on a process to share with your entire team.

Both a reference manual and a knowledge base, this system is built into your screening software and has detailed information, complete with screen shots and links to additional information.

Whether you want specific instructions on implementing one of our integrations, or you want to know how to perform a specific task, the online help system is there for you on demand.

One-on-One AssistanceWe know that some questions are best answered in person. Whether you submit a support ticket, or you call us for assistance, our tech support staff is ready to assist you.

Enhancement RequestsWe know that any online system has to grow and improve over time. We pride ourselves in listening to our clients and making improvements to the system that directly address their needs, in addition to providing powerful new ways to make their screening business more successful.

As a deverus client, you can submit enhancement ideas at any time, and we will review them for inclusion in regular system updates - available free of charge to all deverus clients.